Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Pattern Available

Becky's Little Garden is not exactly a new pattern, but it is new in my Craftsy shop. I designed this a few years ago when my mom's new fabric line, "Fete de Fleurs, Poppies" was coming out. The pattern has been on her website for quite a while, but now I will be selling it from my shop.

The pattern is pretty simple, the best fabric choices are a large print for the big blocks and a smaller scale print for the smaller squares, then something that reads as a solid for the corner squares and triangles. Play with some ideas and see what you come up with.
I hope you are inspired!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Craftsy Links

You can see that I have added a couple of badges over on the right. One is because I think Craftsy's classes are high class and I recommend them. You can watch the videos anytime and as many times as you want and they are good quality, in depth and have easy navigation if you want to watch another segment of the lessons.  The other is because I have a pattern shop on Craftsy and I would love it if you would visit!

If you visit Craftsy from my links, you will give me credit for your visit, which would be nice. Just sayin'. Thanks!