Friday, February 10, 2012


This week, I finally finished my Elephants quilt. I had it on the design wall for a long time, throughout the process of working on it, I was constantly intimidated by the project I had taken on. From beginning to end, it was a challenge to get the right fabrics in the right places and then get it all tacked down with the quilting.
I am so pleased with it!
I know that elephants are not purple, but these ones wanted to be purple. I incorporated many colors, but the purple seems to be dominant, which is fine by me. I even impressed myself with the quilting as it shows on the back of the quilt. I used a burnt orange thread that just glows on the black backing fabric. It is a similar shade to the background on the front of the quilt. It is still obvious that I don't have a stitch regulator, since some stitches are too long and some are too short, but I am getting more consistent and overall, it looks really good, if I do say so myself.
Thanks for looking!