Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Gift

I'd like you to meet my grandpa, Jack Cooke. 
I made this portrait of him for my mom and stepdad for Christmas from a photograph I took of him years ago. When I completed it and hung it up to see how it turned out, I was so happy to see my grandpa looking back at me. I am especially thrilled with his overalls. I searched our local fabric store for something appropriate and was about to give up when I saw some seersucker, stuffed on a low shelf. I resigned myself to buy it, but wasn't sure it was going to work. Then I decided to over-dye it with gray, to create some shadow areas and it all fell into place. The crinkles in the seersucker actually work to look more like worn denim and the stripes are the correct scale for the size of the portrait. Happy accident!

How did I do this you ask?
I took a class at Quilt University online last fall. It was called "Realistic Portraits" by Marilyn Belford and I highly recommend it! She is a wonderful quilt artist and teacher. She was patient and very helpful with her comments and generous with her skills. Be sure to visit her website and see her fabulous quilts!

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