Friday, October 30, 2009

Leaves Leave Us!

It's that time of year again, leaves, leaves and more leaves coming out of the trees, falling all over the place! The weather was warmer today, though by the time we went outside, the sun had disappeared behind some clouds. Daniel raked up a couple of piles and the boys loved playing in them. Don't you think they are just the cutest little boys you've ever seen?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cami Bag Pattern!

There's a new contest (contest over) on the Sew Mama Sew blog, so I decided to give it a whirl. The ScrapBusters challenge is to use scraps in a new way.
These small bags can be made from any size scraps, as one uses up strips and the other uses pieces approximately 10"x13".
I named this bag the Cami Bag because I think it looks like a camisole with a neckline and thin straps. The white/purple one measures 9"x12". The scrappy one is child-sized, about 6"x7".
I have seen bags similar to this and decided I could figure out how to make one. A quick project that doesn't take a lot of fabric, depending on what size it is. I've made it in three sizes now, and I think I like the white one the best, though the small one will be a great gift for my little four year old granddaughter.

Ok, here's a sneak peek at the pattern, now available on Craftsy:
The Cami Bag

Made from scraps or two fat quarters of fabric, this handy little bag has a pocket on the outside and one on the inside.
Small darts give the base of the bag some shape, but may be eliminated, as desired.

Read each instruction thoroughly before sewing, to avoid costly mistakes. Click on photos to enlarge to see detail.

All seam allowances are 1/4”, unless otherwise noted.

Strip piecing instructions are at the end of the full instructions.


Scraps to equal 2 pieces 10”x13” plus 5”x5” for pocket (or one fat quarter for exterior)

Scraps to equal 2 pieces 10”x13” plus 5”x5” for pocket (or one fat quarter for lining)

2 pieces cotton batting 10”x13”

42” Extra wide double fold bias tape (or two inch wide bias strips double folded and pieced to 42”)
       (36" for child size bag)

1 closure: i.e. magnetic snap, button/loop, etc.


1.  Place pockets and linings right sides together and stitch all edges, leaving 2” opening on one side for turning. Trim corners and press seam allowances back on the side with the opening (left edge in photo). Turn right side out and press.
2.  Attach pockets to exterior and lining by topstitching 1/8” from edge of pocket as marked on pattern, backstitch well at upper edges to secure.

3.  Mark darts on exterior, lining and batting pieces. Sew darts by folding on dotted line (right sides together), matching solid lines. Stitch on solid line from raw edge to point. Press toward center on exterior and toward sides on lining.

On batting, cut darts out on solid lines (photo on left) and butt edges together and baste, keeping batting flat (photo on right). (Use matching thread, contrasting color was used for photo only.)

4.  Place exterior pieces right sides together and then place one batting piece on either side. Stitch around sides and bottom, leaving “armholes and neckline” open. Trim batting close to stitching. (photo on right) Turn right side out (photo onn left).
5.  Place lining pieces right sides together and stitch around sides and bottom, again leaving “armholes and neckline” open.

6.  Place lining inside of exterior piece, wrong sides together. Match “neckline and armholes.”

7.  Apply magnetic snap at this point, through lining and batting for stability. If using a button/loop closure, baste loop in place before applying bias tape. Button may be sewn above or on pocket, but make sure it will not interfere with bias application, otherwise, it may be sewn on later.

For the full pattern, visit here

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Testing, One, Two Three

This is a Test

It is only a test. If it had been a real emergency, you would have been informed of what to do and where to go. This has been a test.