Saturday, July 18, 2009

Curious George Backpack

My photogenic Middle D is thrilled to have a new backpack for preschool this fall. You can tell by the big grin!

Inspired by an adult backpack I saw on Etsy, I spent several hours today sewing this charming pack from scratch.

I had some Curious George fabric in my stash that cried out for me to make something for Middle D, who is a big Curious George fan. He has a stuffed monkey that we call "George," so I decided to add bright red straps on the pack to let George to ride along.

The upper pack is rounded to allow for the curve of D's neck and rests flat against his shoulder blades, distributing the weight across his lower back, which helps to balance his center of gravity. (Last year, his backpack could pull him off balance any time he moved too fast, which was just about all the time!)

The shoulder straps are crossed in front to help them stay on an active little boy, but d-rings allow for changing this to regular straps and shortening or lengthening as necessary. There is a bright blue horizontal zipper to keep a boy's things safe inside and pockets on the outside and inside for bringing home papers from preschool.

I used heavy interfacing to give the pack body and cotton batting inside the straps to add comfort.

I chose to make the pack now because Sew, Mama Sew is sponsoring a contest for handmade bags. The deadline for entry happens to be July 23, Middle D's fourth birthday, so the ideas all came together at just the right time.

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