Friday, February 13, 2009

Well, I see I haven't posted anything for a while. It's because we've been sick, of course! Last week, Middle D brought home something akin to the flu. He was a sick puppy for about five days, then we had to endure another five of attitude when he got well. Ugh. Then Little D came down with it and one night ran a 104.8 fever. We went to the Dr. the next day and came home with more antibiotics for ear and lung infection. Again. Now it's time for Grammy and Grandpa to get it. I tried to fight it off with herbs and homeopathic remedies, but nothing worked completely. I will say I haven't gotten the high fever, but there's always secondary infections around the corner!! Enough negativity...

Last week, I was able to get a quilt top sewn together using my Wordle fabric that I had printed by Spoonflower a few months ago. It is the berry colored fabric with the words from Isaiah 40 printed on it. I think it turned out great! The pattern, called Garden Melody, is one my mom and I designed last winter for her poppy fabric printed by Andover Fabrics. Stop by her shop or Andover to see the fabulous fabric. They don't have it up yet, but her latest line is of Tulips and we spent the last couple of weeks designing new quilts for that fabric. I do the beginning rough work in EQ6 and then she begins in fabric and makes design decisions as she goes. She called me frequently to consult and ask questions. It seems to work pretty well for a long distance relationship! BTW, she's in Oregon and I'm in Tennessee, nearly 3000 miles apart!

I wanted to make something else with the Wordle fabric, so I made this cute bag. It's not very big, but I like it!

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