Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm tired of winter. We have had very cold weather for our region for a couple of weeks now and this week we had several days of snow. Today the high temp will be about 48-50, depending on who you listen to. Yay!

Now anyone who has a little one understands how difficult it is to do anything but care for and play with them. Little D is being a pill today...into everything, not necessarily being naughty, but exploring things he is not supposed to. Right now, he has climbed up into his empty high chair and is yelling at me. I'ts not that he's hungry, he just got down from there a little while ago. Five minutes ago, Middle D kicked him off the couch where he slammed into the coffee table. I have yet to figure out what made the huge noise was when he fell. Can't find a bruise yet, it's too early. Can't wait for nap time!

My project today will be to finish the quilt top that I started on Tuesday. I decided to make up the pattern Garden Melody that Mom and I designed last year for her poppy fabric. It's really turned out well, purple, green, gold, berry...a sorts of colors. The impetus was that I had a fabric printed by Spoonflower that has words from scripture on it, the background is berry and the words are black. So I found a print that had the right color in it and then chose coordinating fabrics. It is a very striking combination. I will post a pic as soon as I can, maybe later this afternoon!

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