Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Broccoli Cheese Soup

This may seem like a silly post, but mothers will relate to this small victory: I am happy that Little D actually ate some broccoli cheese soup just now. Granted it was only about a tablespoon, but it had real broccoli in it, something that he has shunned so far. He wasn't sure about the texture, because I could see him wanting to spit it out, but he liked the cheese flavor and so he ate it!

I have to admit that it is really a good batch of soup, using leftover cheese sauce and broccoli from dinner the other night. I thinned down the sauce with chicken stock and milk, added a few dried onion flakes, garlic powder and then chopped the broccoli really fine. I heated it for a few minutes then served with goldfish (to swim in the soup) and whole wheat toast. The boys ate it up!

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