Friday, February 27, 2009

Bag Labels

I'm so proud of myself! I designed and printed my own labels for my bags and such. I wanted some small tag style labels to add the professional look, but I didn't want to pay for them when I knew I could make them.

I designed them using Publisher and a template for labels that are 1/2"x1 1/2". The font had to be about 7, but they are completely readable (maybe with a magnifying glass for some of us over 40!). I also used a design that Publisher has included and modified it to suit me.

I printed them on printable fabric from Electric Quilt Company. The fabric is a good tight weave and is adhered to a plastic backing and feeds through the printer just great. Now, I am cutting off rows of labels as I need them. I am not going to worry about the raw edges, because if I cut them straight, they stay pretty much on grain and will not fray much.

I thought I would sew them onto the bags, but really hate that kind of hand sewing, so I remembered I had some narrow Steam a Seam fusible on a roll (which I could not find on their website, so they may have discontinued that product, but other companies make fusible strips sold on a roll). After removing the printable fabric backing, I used the strips to make my little labels fusible!

I feel so accomplished today! I applied about a dozen labels to the bags I have made lately in the short hour I was able to be in my sewing room this afternoon. Every little bit helps!

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