Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life is just a...

bowl of cherries? Well at least Little D would eat them! Ha! I have never understood or have empathy for picky eaters and now I have one. The other boys tell me they don't like things, but they eat them when I tell them to, but Little D is another story. He won't eat anything green, doesn't like potatoes (except fries) or cereal like Cheerios (I thought all babies loved Cheerios), hates most meat (except hot dogs and other processed stuff). In general, he likes bread and fruit. I try to supply whole grain bread and unsweetened fruit and he does okay with that. Of course, he likes anything really messy like spaghetti or other tomato-ey pasta things. It's bath time after eating any of that! Last night for the first time, I gave him a plastic bowl and a real spoon to eat his dinner and he really dug in! It was a chicken-couscous thing that I made up with orange marmalade and balsamic vinegar and he actually liked it. He ate it again for lunch today, which is also a miracle, because he hates leftovers, even if it was something he ate well the first time. I can't figure him out yet.

Since his surgery, he is really beginning to talk. Everyone says that it's because he can actually hear now that the tubes are in and the gunk is out. He can say "bye", "meow", "night night", "g'pa" (grandpa), "ma ma" (grammy). There are probably other words I can't think of right now. For a while now, he has answered the question, "how old are you" by sticking his right finger in the air and saying "one"! Sometimes, he turns to look at you and says something with all seriousness in baby talk and he expects that you understand it. It's all very cute.

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