Monday, January 26, 2009

The beginning

I've finally gone and done it...after procrastinating for a long while, I have decide to blog. This seems to be a place to journal, writing my thoughts and recording other trivial minutia. I doubt anyone else will be interested, but here goes.

Tonight I made a good casserole for supper. It was based on lasagna, using whatever I had on hand. So, elbow macaroni, chicken thighs, leftover spaghetti sauce, cottage cheese and mozzarella became a casserole. It was pretty good, if I say so myself. Ha!

As I was putting it all together, Mom called and wanted some more advice on the quilt she is designing. I have been helping her by putting ideas into Electric Quilt and then she works it over on the design wall. I had to put her off until dinner was over, DH and Big D went to a basketball game, Middle D was in the tub and I was in Little D's room sitting on the floor with my laptop and the phone. Little D played with his toys while Mom and I discussed the quilt.

This is for her new line of fabrics, Tulips. We designed 4 quilts last year when her line of Poppies came out. She's not happy with the way this one is coming along, but I think it's a good beginning. We think it needs some darker "solids", but she didn't find what she wanted today, so will look again tomorrow at another shop.

I'm excited to be studying Esther by Beth Moore and am looking forward to learning more about my Lord and Savior, developing my relationship with Him. So, I best quit writing on this and get back to studying!

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